Why Buy when you can Hire?

Hiring a wedding dress, instead of buying a dress is a very popular alternative for brides and is a saving of several hundred £££££'s. Very few wedding shops and bridal boutiques in the UK offer wedding dress hire.

At VONLEE BRIDAL HIRE not only is the wedding dress itself for hire but an all-inclusive package which includes the hire of a wedding veil, tiara, underskirt and even jewellery if required, at no extra charge.

Why Buy a Wedding Dress when you can Hire?

The Advantages of Wedding Dress Hire

Brides understandably stress themselves out worrying about finding a wedding dress in the right size, style and quality and one to suit their pocket.

However at VONLEE BRIDAL HIRE we offer an excellent service to suit every taste and every size and every budget.

No wonder the decision to hire a wedding dress is a popular choice for many reasons:

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Hiring a wedding dress is very cost-effective. All brides have a dream wedding dress in mind but the cost of buying a dress which will be worn once is not only not very practical, it may also be beyond some wedding budgets.

Choosing to hire a bridal gown allows a bride to have her dream wedding dress for the day - and creates her special once-in-a-lifetime experience! At VONLEE BRIDAL HIRE, we make it affordable for the bride to have her dream dress.

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After the wedding day, and the honeymoon, most brides have to clean, pack and store their wedding dresses; some even try to sell their dress at a much reduced cost.

But at VONLEE BRIDAL HIRE, your wedding dress or bridal gown is simply returned to us and we will will take care of the rest! All we ask is for you to look after the dress as if it were your own.

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For those brides marrying for a second time, hiring a wedding dress is an alternative, practical and cost effective choice.

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At VONLEE BRIDAL HIRE, we cater to a large number of brides who marry even overseas. Each dress no matter where, is delicately packaged in a breathable garment bag and a carry on bag to make it easy for the bride to transport her dream dress, to wherever the wedding.

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If less money is spent by hiring a wedding dress, instead of buying a wedding dress or bridal gown, there will be more money for the wedding and for that extra-special honeymoon.

And finally, hiring a wedding dress or bridal gown from VONLEE BRIDAL HIRE will bring a unique perspective on a popular British wedding tradition of bringing good luck to the bride...

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